Threading, and its larger meaning to me

I got my eyebrows threaded last Sunday.

I said (repeatedly) that I would never get my eyebrows threaded; I’m more evolved than that. I don’t want to care about my face that much. But…it was only $9, my friend was getting hers done, so I thought, why not?

I found out “why not?” Really cool technique to it, I must admit. However, repeatedly having rows of eyebrow hair (translated: more than one hair at a time) ripped from your face is not exactly fun. Also, found out that just as I have a dominant side, you know the whole one foot bigger, more cooperative hair on one side thing, I also have a more sensitive side of my face! Poor Left Face… I definitely had to exhale more often than usual and it almost felt like my eye might explode. Granted, it only lasted a matter of seconds, but that left side was out of control.

In general, the pain from each thread seemed to concentrate itself in the last hair in the row to be pulled. Usually ending in a particularly sensitive brow area (read: any brow area). Honestly, just ouch.

And, because I deviated from the plan where I don’t openly worry about my face that much and just take a pair of tweezers to anything out of place, they ended up uneven. So, that’s cool.  In the grand scheme, it would probably get better and I won’t swear that I won’t get it done again, but the bottom line is that I did it for the wrong reasons, namely, thinking it would do something spectacular to my face. It didn’t.

My lesson: My face is my face. It’s the only one I get and even if I don’t think it’s going on the cover of somebody’s fashion magazine, I find it interesting, dare I say attractive? I think I do. And tweezers will get the job done.



Note: They’ve grown on me a bit over the last week, but I still think that the memory of the left side will keep it from becoming a thing.


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